Cheaper to build.
Cheaper to run.
Lasting value.

In our carbon-constrained world all materials are valuable, not just the rare ones.

Building materials are a new asset class that will be traded and reused with minimal friction.

Architects, developers, builders, materials suppliers and owners are now looking to salvage materials from existing buildings to lower build costs, design more durable and valuable properties. That is great for the 2% of owners who hire an architect, not so much for everybody else.

Aera is the green building platform for everyone.

The Aera platform connects regional supply chains to build real estate that adapts, can be readily reused, modified or re-sold as materials to close the circular economy loop.

Aera homes are designed with standardized building components fabricated out of the most renewable, low carbon and cost effective materials.

Using standard dimensions and connection techniques, components can be taken apart, replaced and refurbished to lower maintenance costs and give materials a second life by keeping them in the value chain.

Aera homes remain new and adaptable for generations.

For the first time in history homes are designed for changes in climate conditions and changes in your life. Start with a 2 bedroom starter home or even a 1 bedroom backyard studio, and expand it later when you actually need it or downsize when you’re done with parts of it.

Investors, make home ownership better, cheaper and durable.

Aera is a platform that connects consumers, developers, builders, materials suppliers and design professionals in the single family home marketplace.

By democratizing low carbon architecture we allow customers to design their own home within the International Residential Code to determine the most effective use of their capital over the lifetime of the home.

We make home ownership affordable by design.

We positively impact the whole life cost of residential real estate, which is a $1 trillion market in the US and a $4 trillion market globally.

We target to become the marketplace for reusable materials in the emerging circular economy to end the 40% of construction products that presently go to landfill.

Governments all over the world have established a path to net zero and their policies effectively make them partners in support of our mission.